Photo: Jared Belson

The mosquito – summer’s buzzing friends

The long summer nights are here and we are out on different adventures in nature. It is common when you are resting on a hiking tour, eating outside or when you lay inside your sleeping bag you hear a stubborn buzz…..bzzzz. The bright summer nights are also the mosquito’s time and it is easy that they can destroy a part of your experience. How to prepare for the meeting with them? Turning irritaton to joy? We will try to give you some answers.

• You are doing a good deed when you contribute with your blood. The mosquito needs your blood for the eggs to develop and for the species to survive.
• Relax, it is only about 30 of the 2500 mosquito arts in Sweden that sucks blood.
• Don’t be irritated by them. They are playing an important role and belong to the eco-system. They are food for animals or they contribute with nutrition in the fields.
• If you enjoy listening to the bird’s songs, give thanks to the mosquito, they make it possible.
• The buzzy sound will give you opportunities to practice mindfulness. If you practice it, you will experience the adventure more aware, awake, healthy and in peace. They also encourage to stretching and movement which in long-term contribute to health and well-being.
• The mosquitoes in Swedish Lapland are not carriers of diseases.
• If you get more mosquito bites than your friend, it is a sign that you have better and tastier blood.
• Enjoy the wind, it keeps the mosquito away.
• Mosquitoes do not live for a long time. Adults only live for a few weeks and the females from a few weeks up to 100 days. Their short life is important for the Arctic environment.
• The mosquitoes are most active at dusk, enjoy the midnight sun and the hot nights!

Keep in mind:
• Wear bright clothes. The mosquitoes are drawn more to dark objects than bright objects. The visual impressions are important for the mosquitoes and dark equals prey.
• Mosquitoes are attracted to sweat. Wash regularly.
• Have a mosquito repellent or mosquito hat if you are staying in mosquito-rich areas like a river, forest, and marshes. Local adventure and sports shops guide you right in the mosquito repellent jungle.

The mosquito females can add up to 1000 eggs during their lifetime, adding up to 200 eggs per time. The number of mosquitoes will vary from year to year, depending on how Spring is. A lot of water means a lot of mosquitoes.


Photo: Jared Belson