Foto: Jessica Nildén

Practical information Kiruna

Continent: Europe
Country: Sweden
Province: Lapland
Area code: 0980
Country code: +46
Currency: SEK
Time zone: CET. GMT +01:00

Temperature and climate
Kiruna, located 200 km above the arctic circle, have a subarctic climate. Temperatures may differ quite heavily depending on where in the municipality you are. In central Kiruna, located on the mountain Haukivaara 500 above sea level it is usually -12 to -20 degrees in winter, while Jukkasjärvi in ​​the valley of the Torne river, two kilometers east, often has below -30 degrees. In summer, the temperature is usually between 10 and 15 degrees.

Normally, the snow will come to stay during the latter part of October and then melt down in late May.

Abisko has less precipitation than anywhere else in Sweden, which makes it a great place for Aurora viewing, while Riksgränsen 3 kilometers west has the most precipitation in Sweden and therefore can offer skiing even during Midsummer!

Currency exchange and cards
På Sparbanken Nord i centrala Kiruna kan du växla utländsk valuta. Sparbanken Nord är normalt öppen mellan 10.00-15.00 måndag-fredag. Banken är stängd under helger och helgdagar.

Nästan alla i Kiruna tar emot kortbetalning. Vissa tar inte längre emot kontanter såsom vissa busslinjer osv. Det finns 3 bankomater i centrala Kiruna samt 2 bankomater vid Coop shoppingområde.

Shops opening hours
Normal business hours in Kiruna is 10.00-18.00 Monday-Friday, 10.00-14.00 Saturday. Sundays closed. Grocery stores have more generous opening hours, often 09.00-22.00, with some exceptions.

The emergency number in Sweden is 112. For non-emergencies contact the police at 114 14.

11 Dec – 1 Jan no sunrise (polar night)
15 Feb: up 07.57, down 15.50, daylight 8 hours.
15 March: up 06.01, down 17.36, daylight 11,5 hours.
26 May – 18 July no sunset (Midnight sun)
15 Aug: up 04.00, down 21.23, daylight 17,5 hours
15 Oct: up 07.42, down 17.05, daylight 9,5 hours
15 Nov: up 08.48, down 13.56, daylight 5 hours

Post office
Post services can be found in some grocery stores such as ICA and Coop.  Close to Kiruna city center is also Stop22.

In Kiruna municipality there are four official languages:  Swedish, Finnish, Sámi and Meänkieli. In Kiruna most people speak English.

Internet and Wifi
Free Wifi at the tourist center, the airport and the bus station. Most accommodations, cafes and restaurants offer free wifi.

Petrol stations
Outside Kiruna center you can find petrol stations in: Abisko, Svappa­vaara, Vittangi, Övre Soppero and Karesuando.