Mountain bike tours – day/overnight

Mountain bike day tour


Join us for a very special tour by mountain bike. The tour starts in the center of Kiruna and goes up the mountain Luossavaara with breathtaking views of the surrounding area. The tour continues through an unique landscape with old mines and along small roads through the countryside down to the camp at the Torne River. The guide prepares lunch and makes coffee over an open-air fire. Lapland’s typical lunch will be served in the wooden hut. The hut is located near the Torne River and the beautiful surroundings.

Price includes: guide, lunch, transfer.
Length of tour: 4 hours
Overall length includes: transfer, time for meal / snack.
Departure time: Kiruna Guidetur 10am

Price: Adult: 995SEK, Child: 498SEK


Overnight mountainbike tour


We will do a very special tour by mountain bike. We start from the centre of Kiruna and go up on the mountain Luossavaara where we have a great view over Kiruna city and its surroundings. We continue through the old mining area and into some of the open mines. We drink water from the creek before we go further along a small road through the nature down to the cabin at the riverside of Torne River. At the cabin, the guide will prepare dinner for you. We can just relax and enjoy bathing in the sauna in the evening.
Next morning after breakfast we will ride back on mountainbike to Kiruna city.

Price includes: guide, dinner& breakfast, transfer, bathtowel/bed sheets, overnight in a cabin.
Duration of tour:  19 hrs
Total duration includes: time for transfer, break for meals, overnight.
Distance covered: 15-25 km
Departure point: Kiruna Guidetur Office at 16:00.

Price: Adult: 1995SEK, Child: 998SEK