Overnight in self-made igloo

Overnight in self-made igloo


Overnight tour where you will get to sleep in the igloo (quinzhee) you built yourselves. You will be transfered to the camp sitting in a snowmobile sled. The guide will instruct you on how to build your igloo and get you started. After the first session lunch will be served in a wooden hut. After a couple of hours the igloo will be finnished. 

The guide will heat the sauna for you and afterwards dinner will be served in the cabin. In the evening it is time to get into the sleeping bags which are placed on reindeer fells in your igloo. 

We will have a room in a warm cabin for you as a back up.

You can upgrade to drive the snowmobile instead of sitting in the sled.

Price includes: guide, snowmobile-sled (guide drives snowmobile), winter clothing*, full board, bathtowel/sleeping bag, transfer. 
Duration of tour:  22hrs
Total duration includes: time for transfer, changing clothes, break for meals/coffee.
Distance covered: 30-60
Departure point: Kiruna Guidetur Office at 10:00. (we meet a half hour before the departure time.)
Price: SEK 3375 /person, SEK 1688 /child under the age of 12. 

*Winter clothing includes:  boots,  winter overalls, thick gloves, warm hat.

You can upgrade so that 2 persons drive snowmobile.
Additional cost: + 500 SEK per person.