Finland, Kilpisjärvi-Somasjärvi

The trail system Nordkalottleden in Finland is approximately 70 km. It can be divided into two sections; from Kilpisjärvi to Somasjärvi, a distance of approximately 55 km and from Kilpisjärvi to Treriksröset, a distance of approximately 15 km (There is also a boat crossing to Kilpisjärvi).

There are a total of seven cabins on the Finnish side of the trail. The distance between the cabins varies from 8 to 13 km. Approximately 90% of the trail is dirt and 10% is rocky. Birch trees only grow in the valleys at Kilpisjärvi and Treriksröset and to a limited extent in the valley, Meekonjärvidalen.
In Finland, the trail can be accessed from Kilpisjärvi, either towards Somasjärvi and Kautokeino in Norway or towards Sweden. It is easiest to start at the hiking center Kilpisjärvi Vandrarcentrum. The summer trail is marked with wood poles that are 0.4 m high with an orange tip.

Cabins are either open or have an open section and a locked section. All cabins have a heater and a Calor gas-stove® for cooking. There are usually no mattresses, blankets, or cooking utensils and no place to buy provisions. The cabins are owned by Forstyrelsen, except Kuohkimajärvi, which is owned by Skogsforskningsinstitutet. Keys to the locked cabins are available at the information office in Kilpisjärvi, phone + 358 (0)16 537741. Locked cabins cost 60,- FIM/ night.
Cabins can be booked through Forstyrelsen in Enontekiö kyrkby, phone + 358(0) 205647950. Members of Finland's tourist association, Turistförbund, STF and DNT receive a 10% discount at the hiking center Kilpisjärvi Vandrarcentrum. Discount on half- or full-board by special agreement. The only place to purchase provisions in Finland is Kilpisjärvi. Dogs from Norway and Sweden may be taken over the border into Finland, but an import permit is required for the return trip. Dogs are to be registered with customs officials in Kilpisjärvi.

A bus, Postbuss Rovaniemi-Kilpisjärvi leaves every day at 7.45 am and arrives at 3.40 pm, Kilpisjärvi- Rovaniemi departure 1.30 pm, arrival 8.30 pm. A bus, Eskelinen Buss, runs the Rovaniemi-Kilpisjärvi route on weekends. By air (Finnair) 3 times per week, 28 March -16 May, Helsinki-Hetta, from there taxi to Kilpisjärvi. The closest train station is Kolari with bus connections to Kilpisjärvi in the spring.

Important phone numbers
Tourist information in Enontekiö phone +358 16 55 6211
Forstyrelsen, 99490 Enontekiö, phone + 358 205 64 7950.
Kilpisjärvi Vandrarcentrum, 99490 Kilpisjärvi, phone +358-16-537771.
Kilpisjärvi customs, phone +358-16-537718.
Finland's tourist association, Turistförening, Atomitie 5C, 00370 Helsinki, phone, 09-62262812(14, 10).

Kilpisjärvi-Saarijärvi 13 km
The trail starts along the side of Saanafjället, passes the southern side of Tsahkaljärvis and then heads northeast. There are bridges across brooks at the lake. At Muurivaara the trail crosses the border into Norway and after approximately 1.5 km comes back into Finland. There are no border checks here. Saarijärvi cabin: Accommodation for 10 people in locked and open sections. Rocky terrain. Campground for tents near cabin.

Saarijärvi-Kuonjarjohka 8 km
Trail from the northern side of Saarijärvi runs between Tuolljehuhput and Kuonjarvarri. Marshy terrain but easy to hike. Kuonjarjohka new cabin (-01): for 10 people, open and for 10 people, closed.

Kuonjarjohka-Meekonjärvi 10 km
Continues along Meekodalen. Kahperusladnja is located west of the trail and Saivaara is east of the trail until you reach Meekonjärvi. Bridge across Pierfejohka. Cabins, Meekonstugorna: Accommodation for 6 people, open, or for 10 people, closed.

Meekonjärvi-Pihtsusjärvi 10 km
North passed Vuomakasjärvi. The trail is rocky with a bridge across the river. Pihtjosköngäs is located at mid-trail, one of the most scenic sections of the Finnish stretch of Nordkalottleden. Cabin, Pihtsusjärvi: Accommodation for 10 people in the locked section and for 12 people in the open section.

(At Pihtsusjärvi you can