Nikkaluokta – where the road ends

Nikkaluokta is located where the three valleys Vistasvagge, Ladtjovagge and Kalixälven’s lakes meet at Sweden’s most powerful high mountain area. The village is located where the public road ends and the mountain trails begin. Lake Paittasjärvi extends east of the village and to the west rises the Kebnekaise massif. The village is located on the border between two Sami villages, Laevas and Girjas, which conduct reindeer husbandry in the area.

Here you will find Nikkaluokta Sarri that offer accommodation, restaurant, and activities.

There have been Sámi settlements in the area for several thousand years. In Nikkaluokta came the first permanent settlements, the peat huts in the early 20th century. It was the reindeer herding families – njargajohttit – who lost their reindeer herds during difficult winters and sought other ways to provide for their families. Nikkaluokta was located on the migration route and was a good place to live. There were opportunities for fishing, hunting and, as it turned out later, work with transport and service.

Nikkaluokta Sarri huvudbyggnad

Foto: Jessica Nildén

About 5.5 kilometres from Nikkaluokta, is the glacial lake Láddjujávri. There is no road here. Enoks offers comfortable accommodation in mountain cabins and good food in the beautiful restaurant. Try the reindeer burger in classic Lap Dånald’s style in the middle of the wilderness. During the summer, the boat transport across the lake starts here, a 6km shortcut along the trail to Kebnekaise Mountain Station. During winter, you can book exciting snowmobile excursions in the Kebnekaise area.

See and do
Skiing in Nikkaluokta is a spring-winter daydream. Experience the silence in Vistasdalen, the view from the open mountain area or take you through the birch forest in Ladtjodalen. From here you can also make a day trip to Sweden’s highest mountain Kebnekaise – there are daily snowmobile transfers heading up to STF Kebnekaise Mountain Station. The spring-winter season in Nikkaluokta normally extends from the end of February to the beginning of May.

During the Summer and Autumn seasons, you will find great fishing oppertunaties in the area, and there are several nice mountain hikes that suit everyone. Rent a canoe and go out with a friend or accompanied with an experienced guide on a wonderful boat trip in Vistasvagge. In summer, Kallax Flyg with its helicopter base on spot offers scheduled services to Kebnekaise Mountain Station.