Foto: Peter Rosén

Midnight sun – 100 days without nights

Kiruna in Swedish Lapland is a world full of contrasts, colours and light. The period where we have midnight sun is the counterpart to the polar night that we experience in December. The period from late May to the middle of July is an intense period and it has a deep effect on all life when the daylight never ends.

The midnight sun is a natural phenomenon above the Arctic Circle where the sun never sets below the horizon and is observable 24/7. The number of days per year you can experience midnight sun increases the closer you get to the north pole. In Kiruna the midnight sun is visible during 47 days and we usually talk about 100 days without nights because of the very bright nights in the period before and after the midnight sun.

The nature bursts out in colourful meadows. It is the time to find your own favorite spot in nature to enjoy the lively surroundings. Take the chance to be awake during the night, do some activity or just sit still, enjoy the sun, listening to the bird’s summer symphony song that never ends and breath in the energy of the vibrant nature. It is also the best time for having the chance to watch wildlife, since the animals are most active during night.

The possibilites for activities during this period are endless. Head out for an evening hike, enjoy a boat tour along the river, take an arctic wilderness bath in one of the many natural lakes, or come along on a guided adventure!

A side note – it can take some days to adjust yourself to 24 hours of light, therefore bring your sleeping mask if you want to get some dark time for your eyes.

Foto: Pär Johansson

Enjoy the days that never ends: 

Kiruna Festival
The northernmost and brightest summer festival in Scandinavia! A festival with celebrated artists, funfair, good food and a great atmosphere.

Björkliden Golf
Tee off in the midnight sun. 250 km north of the Arctic Circle sees one of Sweden’s most scenic golf courses. During the peak period it is open around the clock, thanks to the midnight sun.

Midsummer skiing in Riksgränsen
Skiing in the mountains during the midnight sun and boots dancing around the midsummer pole on midsummers eve. An experience you can’t miss!