Stephanie Peluchon

Kennel Visit & hiking tour pulled by a husky

After a 15 min drive to our kennel, we will introduce you to our 15 Siberian and Alaskan huskies. We will talk about our life as a musher and about our work with those beautiful dogs.

We will team you up with a husky matching your body strength. You will wear a comfortable padded belt (provided by us) and the dog will be attached to the belt with a leash. The dog will pull you as you walk. This tour does not require a fitness level but you should be in good health condition. The walk (5km) will start on a small gravel road and continues in the forest, following the river Torne. During the tour, we will take a break and serve you a cold or warm beverage, depending on the weather, & some cookies.

Husky Voice is run by a French guide who moved to Lapland in 2008 after working 10 years in London. You can read our customers' reviews on Trip Advisor.

Duration: 3 hours
Starting time: 10.00 am & 15.00pm
Included: Transfer, refreshments, comfortable pulling belt
Price: 500 SEK per person (free for children under 12 years old)