Foto: Britt Hammar

Hiking with Guide in North

Hiking – Midnight sun
We travel by minibus and walk about 3-4 km along the mountain Luossavaaras east side. After the path up to the mountain there is much to see and experience in terms of nature (flora, fauna, geology), history of the mine and facts about the future of the city. On the top we have the best view to see the midnight sun, there we enjoy a cup of coffee/tea and a lovely reindeer meat sandwich and for dessert a delicious homemade Kiruna Sunset Cake with cream and cloudberries.

Departure: at. 21.00 (the trip takes about 3-4 hours)
Price: 950 SEK / person, 550 SEK / child (6-15 years)
Length: approx. 3-4h, total distance about 2-3 km
Difficulty: Easy walking 

Hiking – half day
We travel by minibus about 4 miles, and walk 4-5 km to see a beautiful river valley and the Kaledonian mountain range.  We find a nice place to make a stop and enjoy a reindeer meat lunch, coffee and tea and a delicious homemade Kiruna Sunset cake with cream and cloudberries.

Departure: Kl. 10.00 (the trip takes about 3-4 hours)
Price: 1000 SEK / Person, 600 SEK / Children (6-15 years)
Length: 3-4h, total distance about 4-5 km
Difficulty: Easy 
Duration: max 8 person min 2 person

Hiking- one day

We will travel by minibus about 90 km in direction northwest to Abisko. On the way to Abisko we stop at some places to look at some geological attractions. Arriving at Abisko, the tour starts in the beautiful landscape, with an about 20 minutes trip up on mountain Nuolja to the Aurora Sky Station. From the station we will walk around about 2 km reaching the summit at 1 169 m above sea level, to look at the magnificent view. The hiking takes you along a varying flora, with some rare flowers, and inspiring fauna.

In Abisko you can also visit the canyon, a water fall and the STF tourist station. At lunch, we stop and find a nice place to enjoy moose meat, coffee, tea and a delicious homemade Kiruna Sunset cake with cream and cloudberries. You are also offered snacks during the day. 

Price: 2 000 SEK / adult, 1000 SEK / child (12-15 years).
Participans: max 6 person/ min 2 person
Departure: 08:00 from your hotel
Length: 8 – 9 h
Total walking distance: 4-5 km
Difficulty: easy
Including the tour: guide, transfer, bagpack, snacks, lunch, ticket for the lift

We travel by minibus alongside the beautiful valley of the valley towards the Caledonian mountain range, we stay in some places along the way to photograph the beautiful scenery. When the road runs out, we begin the walk towards Ladjujaure, a glacier lake, with cold, light green clear waters. From here you can also see Sweden's highest mountain "Kebnekaise". At Laddjujàvri we enjoy a lunch at Sarris restaurant, enjoying nature and silence for a while before we return.You are also invited to snacks during the day.

Price: 2000 SEK / person, 800 SEK / child (10-15 years)
Departure: 08:00
Length: approx. 8-9h, total walking distance 10 km
Difficulty: Easy walking
Duration: max 6 person min 2 person