Hiking Nikkaluokta – Kebnekaise

Kiruna is the main city and a hub in the north to head out into nature beyond the roads.  In Kiruna, you can buy the necessary supplies and equipment for the trip before taking the car or bus to go to Nikkaluokta. In Nikkaluokta you can park your car in long-term parking before heading out for a trip. Nikkaluokta Sarri provides a small shop, cabins for rent and a restaurant.

Before starting the hike, it may be good to pre-emptively patch your feet. The walk starts on a narrow forest road for tractors and becomes smaller in the mountain birch forest. The 5,6 kilometer walk up to the glacier lake Láddjujávri is easy and the path has footbridges over the wet parts. Along the marked trail, close to streams with clean water, you find beautiful and natural resting spots. Don’t forget to bring with you some bottle for water or find your own local kåsa to drink directly from the stream.

As you approach Láddjujávri, you get a great view of the magnificent mountain massif Kebnekaise and Tuolpagorni. If you are just looking to do a days outing, this is where you turn back to Nikkaluokta. In Láddjujávri you will find Enoks who rents out mountain huts and has a cool restaurant, which serves waffles with cloudberries and reindeer burgers. From here there is about 13,5 kilometers left of the hike. If you like to shorten your hike with 6 kilometers, it is possible to take the boat across the lake. It departs several times a day according to a timetable. If you choose to walk along the lake there is a good trail.

Photo: Jessica Nildén

Along the King’s trail from Nikkaluokta to Abisko there are seven meditation sites, named after Dag Hammarskjöld, who was the UN’s well-known and spiritually interested Secretary-General. You will pass the first place on your way to Kebnekaise, it is marked with a rock with a quote, next to a cliff. Here you can take a break, close your eyes and take some deep breaths to deeper experience the site.

After Láddjujávri the trail becomes rockier and it is good to keep an eye on where to put your feet. After a while, an easier climb to Kebnekaise mountain station begins. When it is a few kilometers left you will cross the bridge over Tarfala creek, which drains the glaciers in the Tarfala Valley. Now you are above the forest line and you are surrounded by beautiful mountains. When you arrive at the mountain station you find a restaurant, accommodation in hotel or hostel standard, a small shop, rentals and other services for hikers. Why not follow on a guided tour up to the top of Kebnekaise?

Length: 19 kilometers
Difficulty: easy to medium
Time: 5-7 hours