Ylva Sievertsson

Husky Home-mindful dog meetings in the mountains

We love to bring you to our home and share the love we have to nature and our dogs with you. Therefore we make you a part of our family for a few hours! Please step outside and be in charge of your own team!

Time: Daily at 09.00–ca 14.00, pick-up at Camp Ripan.  (high season even 11.30)
Price: 1995 SEK/person 
Price includes: Transfer, clothing, lunch, dogsled tour, kennel visit
Participants: Max 8 persons, 2 persons/dogteam, minimum 16 years 


The location

Try a new way to enjoy our vast and untouched landscape. With our silent dogs you will have the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere as we are away from the big tourist areas. But when looking around you might see moose, reindeer, grouse and fox or at least the traces they have left behind.

The nature
Did you know you can run on water? We go with the dogs on the River Kalix, which is one of the largest river systems in Europe that has not been exploited for hydroelectric purposes. The river is an important migration route for many migratory birds and it is also an important reproduction area for salmon and trout. Although this is a remote area people have made their living here from fishing and reindeer herding hundreds of years. In clear weather we have a magnificent view over Sweden’s tallest mountain. We have groomed trails but as we are surrounded by mountains, the weather and conditions can change quickly. This contributes to the authentic experience. And we guide you safely through any weather conditions.

The dogs

We want our dogs to blend in with this untouched landscape therefore, with us, calmness, harmony and our dog philosophy are in focus. Here you will learn how to handle the dogs in our way, where energies and meditation are important elements.  The dogs leaves in packs in big pens where they can run free all day.

Introduction, kennel visit

You always get an introduction about our kennel and how we work with the dogs with focus on mindfulness when you arrive


Dogs love peace of mind as much as we do. We show you how to still your mind and talk about the effects. The dogs do the hard work so a massage is the best way to cuddle with them. When we get back from the run we teach you how to give the dogs a proper massage.

Lunch or Fika in our home

Lunch or Fika is served in our home. Overlooking the River Kalix and the mountains, fantastic meetings are held around our kitchen table.


Husky Dream: you must be able to speak and understand English, German or French. It is very important to understand the driving instructions for everyone’s security. If the guides think you do not understand properly we have the right to tell you to join the tour sitting on the sled driven by the guide. Other tours: no language skills needed.


We can almost guarantee you will see Moose along the transfer or the tour in winter, as the area is thriving with them during the winter season.


Transport both directions is included.  We pick up and drop off at the ICEHOTEL and Camp Ripan. The journey also offers fantastic opportunity to see Kebnekaise, Sweden’s tallest Mountain. Time of transfer is included on the time of the tour. About 40 minutes one way.


We will provide you with a warm and windproof parka and pants and with a warm hat, gloves and boots that are suitable for the activity. We recommend you to wear several layers underneath, a warm and breathable base layer (long-sleeved top and long johns), preferably in wool, a thin down jacket or a warm sweater and ski pants, several pairs of wool socks.


Time: Daily at 09.00–ca 14.00, pick-up at Camp Ripan. 
Price: 1995 SEK/person 
Price includes: Transfer, clothing, lunch, dogsled tour, kennel visit
Participants: Max 8 persons, 2 persons/dogteam, minimum 16 years 



MINDFULNESS- we work with our dogs through mindfulness in all we do. We want to deliver peace of mind to the dogs. You will notice that in the way our dogs are very calm and friendly. Ylva Forssén is a well-educated dog trainer in many disciplines and is now becoming a Trust Technique practitioner.

MASSAGE- the best way to cuddle is a massage. We teach all our guests to give the dogs a massage after the run or walk. It is the perfect way to say thank you. They also get longer massage sessions, up to an hour, when needed. Ellen Autio is a certified a dog massager and is an expert on sour muscles and how to prevent injuries.

MOTION – the Alaskan husky’s love to run and pull. Put they also like free running and walks. Therefore we have most of our dogs in packs in big dog parks, where they run free 24/7. That promotes exercise, where they are training their small muscles, especially good during the snow free period.  Do not forget motionlessness, balance between work and rest is as important for the dogs as for us.

MEETINGS- get a close up with the Alaskan huskies and the locals. On our tours you really get to know our dogs and how we train them. As we are all locals working here you get to know a lot about the area and the daily life. We always invite you to our private home for lunch or coffee. We meet and see our dogs daily. We are around our dogs24/7 all year round .

MOUNTAINS- we are situated away from the major tourist areas, about 30 minutes transfer from central Kiruna (of course we do pick ups in Kiruna and ICEHOTEL) We live in a vast area surrounded with mountains with a nice view of Swedens talles mountain in clear weather. It is very rare that we meet others tan moose on the tours.

MORE than expected is our goal. The Swedish animal welfare laws are among the strongest in the world. For all of us having more than 10 dogs at home we have some minimal rules we have to follow for our dogs in a lot of areas. All kennels are controlled by the government.  But we want to show that you can do even more. 

MAIN products are

Husky Dream- drive your own team, where you drive in a vast landscape with no one around, and you learn to massage the dogs and have lunch in our private home.

Private Family tour -just one family at the time which open ups for a lot of time with the dogs and to meet the children’s need. (We have three kids ourselves so the dogs are very used to children)

Northern Light tours – a tour where you sit on the sled driven by a guide.

Kennel visits and pack walks, at both day and night time in summer and fall