Private family tour with huskies

Come and visit our farm and experience how we, our 3 children and our animals live amongst the Kiruna Mountains.
We live outside the major tourist area’s and can almost promise that we will be alone on the tour to enjoy the scenery, in this vast landscape.

When you come with your own family, we tailor the tour to suit your children’s age. They get plenty of time to cuddle and bond with the dogs first, without feeling like you are in the way of the other guests. Both adults and children will help with the harnessing and unharnessing of the dogs. If the children are under 8, they will sit in the sled with their parents and be driven by a guide. It’s a great feeling to relax with the kids, sit back, and enjoy the serenity with them. After the tour, the dogs are given a treat, taken out of the harnesses, and retired to the kennels. We conclude the tour with hot chocolate, coffee and some pasteries, served in our home.

The journey also offers fantastic opportunity to see Kebnekaise, Swedens Highest Mountain. And we can also alomost guarentee you will see moose along the drive, as the area is thriving with them during this season.

On request 20 Dec-30 March, at 14.30, total length about 4 hours.
: 7500 SEK inc: 2 adults and 2 children, 2-12 years.
(Extra child, 2-12 years: +1000 SEK/child, 12-16 years +1500 SEK/child).
Price includes: Transfer to and from Camp Ripan, warm clothes, dogsledding, coffee/hot chocolate, fika.
Participants: Private tour.