Aurora dinner – in a cozy timber hut

Aurora dinner –  in a cozy timber hut.

Follow us by minivan, to a cozy timber hut, in a peaceful area with very little light pollution! Enjoy dinner and the magic lights by the fire! Dinner consists of a salmon sandwich, a warming fish- or mushroom soup with bread, warm drinks and traditional cookies. Whenever Aurora appears we go out to have a better look, take photos, then inside the warm cabin again, just to keep warm and comfortable! Perhaps a short walk to the river, to experience silence and the stars. Our local guide will tell us more about the magic lights, nature, and culture.

You will also see a private hut and how life can work in -40 C, without electricity, showers and running water. The hut is handmade in a traditional style with small sustainable inventions. Is it really possible to charge a cellphone with firewood, by the way?

Included in the tour:

A local guide with Arctic Science education.

Extra clothing and shoes.


Photo of your group with a professional camera.

Pickup at your hotel.

Groups of 2-6 persons.

Available:  Bookings on request.
Time: 8.00 pm to 11.30 pm. Pickup at your hotel in Kiruna C.
Price: 2190 SEK/person