STF Abisko – Cultural history guided tour of a Sámi Camp (summer)

The fire is lit and starts to crackle under the coffee pot while the guide tells stories, anecdotes and myths about the Sámi. Coffee tastes extraordinary with a twist of dried reindeer meat in your cup. A sense of genuine simplicity aries when you sit inside a Dárfegoahti (traditional Sámi hut) cuddled on a reindeer skin.

Join our visit to a Sámi Camp and see how Sámi in the Abisko area lived in the late 1800's. The Sámi are a indigenous people who lived by hunting, fishing and herding reindeer. They moved from inland winter pastures to summer grazing in the mountains, everything governed by the seasons and the natural migration of reindeer. Thanks to a contribution from SJ, a Swedish train company, the Swedish Tourist Association could erect a reconstruction of a Sámi Autumn- and Spring camp at this location.

During the guided tour, we will look at traditional Sámi construction techniques and see other objects from the time when the Sámi lived a nomadic life. After a tour of the camp, you will have learnt more about the unique way of life that belongs to Sámi history. It is now time to light the fire in the traditional Sámi hut.

Included: Guide, coffee, and reindeer meat
Bring with you: Clothes suite to weather conditions   Useful information: Duration: 2 hours Distance: 1 km Age: – Other requirements: None
Meet at: At reception at 15.00 (back around 17.00)
Other information: Maximum 16 persons
Sign up: Online at least three days in advance or on site at STF Abisko Mountain Station no later than 12.00 on the same day.

Reservation for changes