7 extreme challenges in Kiruna

Mountain marathon in beautiful environments, adrenaline-filled adventures and tough challenges! Test your limits and experience magnificent scenery when you participate in some of the coolest races in Kiruna’s Arctic mountain ranges.

Keb classic Summer
Keb Classic Summer is a mountain marathon which is an annual recurring marathon run at STF Kebnekaise Mountain Station. The course runs around Sweden’s highest mountain Kebnekaise, with views along the track with glaciers, mountain lakes and endless views of mountain peaks where several are over 2000 meters high. The marathon is extremely demanding and offers varied terrain and highly technical running. The 43 kilometers and 1300 height meters place high demands on the participants and give end times far longer than other competitions with similar distances.

Björkliden Arctic Mountain Marathon
Björkliden Arctic Mountain Marathon 70 or BAMM 70 is a 70 kilometer long demanding mountain orienteering race over two days where you have to bring a backpack with tent and sleeping bag. The race places high demands on the participants with a lot of covered altimeters and moment of orienteering.

Swedish Alpine Ultra
One of Sweden’s toughest ultra races in the Swedish mountains. Swedish Alpine Ultra distance is 107 km. The race starts in Nikkaluokta and ends in Abisko and participants have to finish the race within 24 hours. The race is also a qualifying race for the opportunity to sign up for the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® in Chamonix.

Extreme Sports Gathering in Riksgränsen
Experience the winter’s extreme sports gathered in the best part of Swedish Lapland! During Extreme Sports Gathering, there is the opportunity to try out adrenaline-filled flying adventures. You are met by professional guides and helicopters who take you on the adventure of a lifetime!  Experience parachuting from helicopters with a view stretching to the Norwegian fjords in Narvik or try a basic course in snow-kiting on our snowy expanses.

Keb classic Vinter
In the area surrounding Kebnekaise you can find some of the highest peaks in Sweden, including the highest – Kebnekaise. The Kebnekaise classic is a two day skimo race in which you compete in teams. Kebnekaise classic is a great challenge for those of you that collects altimeters on skis with a passion for arctic alpine environments!

NM Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships

Arranged annually since 1992, the Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships is the world´s original big mountain competition. The hosting ski resort is Riksgränsen, located above the Arctic Circle on the border between Sweden and Norway. The Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships is an open pro am big mountain competition where beginners have the chance to compete against some of the best skiers and snowboarders in the world.


Fjällräven Polar
Fjällräven Polar is an international polar expedition! 300 kilometers of arctic wilderness. More than 200 good sled dogs and a group of common people like yourself. Over the years, the participants have met from hard storms and temperatures of 30 minus degrees, to the sun-drenched winter landscape with crisp white snow. For some selected people, Fjällräven Polar, will be able to test their limits in one of life’s greatest adventures.



Höjdmeter med Höjdmeter
A tough challenge and a test of power that too few dare to take on. This is not about being the winner in the end, but about pushing yourself to your limit during 65 minutes. How will your body respond? Will you last for the full 64 minutes or will Luossa knock you out?