Tour skiing in Kiruna

Nordic skiing is an absolutely wonderful way to discover nature during the snowy months. It is extra wonderful in the springwinter when you can feel the warmth of the sun. With touring skis, you have more freedom to discover, free to go out on your own tracks. Pack your lunch bag and get ready to head out. But first, read our tips on great places to ski.


Ädnamvaara – the local’s weekend favorite
About 8 kilometers outside Kiruna, the trail begins to the low mountain Ädnamvaara, with a peak of 790 meters above sea level. Just above the tree line, you will find the café “Ädnamvaarastugan”. Here you can enjoy some homebaked Swedish Fika together with a beautiful view of Kiruna. This is a very popular excursion destination for the locals. The trip is about 15 kilometers back and forth.

Láddjujávri – the glacier lake between Nikkaluokta and Kebnekaise
From the village of Nikkaluokta, you can take a trip up to the glacier lake Láddjujávri. The first kilometers you ski through the birch forest, then the landscape opens up with vast lands and you see Sweden’s highest mountain Kebnekaise in front of you. The trip is an 11.2 kilometers round trip. On a hot and sunny spring day, it’s a natural luxury to find your own favorite place in nature to enjoy your lunch. You can also overnight at Enoks and wake up to the magnificent views over the mountains.

Nikkaluokta – the village at the end of the road and the beginning of the adventure
From Nikkaluokta you can do different shorter ski trips and it is nice to ski in the three valleys. You will also find prepared ski tracks for both skate and classic style. From here you can choose to take a snowmobile or helicopter up to Kebnekaise mountain station.

Låktatjåkko Lodge
If you do not succeed in snapping one of the desirable beds at Sweden’s highest located mountain station Låktatjåkko, it is also a perfect destination for a day trip. Come here and relax in front of the fireplace and enjoy the classic Låkta waffle. During the day, light lunches are served and in the evenings a three-course menu. On the way back down to Björkliden you will find lovely downhill skiing.

Kratersjön – The Crater Lake
Follow the marked winter trail that starts from Hotell Fjället in Björkliden up to the mountain. When you reach the height you will meet a sign showing the way towards Kratersjön. In place, you will find a wind shelter that is beautifully situated by the lake. You can choose to go the same way home or follow the trail towards the navvy cemetery back to Björkliden.

Riksgränsen – Katterjåkk – Kärkevagge – Låktatjåkko Fjällstation – Björkliden
If you want to go skiing on a truly spectacular track with incredible views, choose this trip. The trail is marked with rusks from Katterjåkk to Låktatjåkko. If you are choosing this day trip, contact the sports information in Riksgränsen or Björkliden for more information about the snow conditions before you start.


In Björkliden you can take the lift up to the top of the mountain in Björkliden. After that, skiing continues towards the top 1313, where a fantastic view of the landscape and a superb downhill skiing are expected down to Måndalen and further back to Björkliden.
Difficulty: easy

This trip starts at Låktatjåkka train station or from Björkliden. Follow the cross-marked trail via Vargpasset, up to Låktatjåkko Fjällstation. From there you continue up to Låktatjåkkas peak. From the top of the mountain you can choose to go back down to the mountain station in Björkliden or be sure to go to Kopparåsrännan, which is considered one of Sweden’s finest off-piste.
Difficulty: moderate

Vassitjakko north
This is a classic top-notch option for anyone who loves to head out. You start in Vassijaure and ski about 2 km southeast to Kärkevagge. There you turn to the right and go to the left side of the brook on the big snowfield. When you reach 1000 altimeters, it is flat and then you follow the south-west back that leads to the top.
Difficulty: moderate


Kungsleden Abisko – Nikkaluokta
A skiing trip after the Kungsleden between Nikkaluokta and Abisko is a classic. Many start the trip at STF Abisko Fjällstation, but it’s just as good to start the adventure in Nikkaluokta. Whatever direction you will experience a magnificent landscape in the most highland area of Kungsleden – at Tjäktjapasset you pass the highest point at 1 150 meters above sea level. Along the trail, you will find STF’s mountain huts, with a distance between 12 and 20 kilometers between each other. It means a good stretch for day trips if you have normal fitness and start in the morning. Do not forget to plan for an extra day in case of bad weather.