Foto: Marcus Westberg

The new highest peak in Sweden!

Since the year 1880, measurements have been carried out on Sweden’s highest mountain Kebnekaise. The glacier that forms the south peak has melted at record-speed in July and now the north peak is officially the highest point in Sweden. The north peak reaches 2 096.8 meters above sea level.

The south peak will still be the natural peak for many visitors, because the north peak requires a completely different skill set and equipment. It is a risky and inaccessible peak that only the really experienced should take on. To reach it, a passage is required through the airy ridge with about 400 altitude meters steeply stooping down on both sides. To safely pass between the peaks, personal safety equipment such as harness, helmet, rope, ice axe and more are required.

The south peak will still continue to be the highest summit possible to climb without special expertise or skill. The two peaks will most likely be taking turns on beign the highest during the year.

For information and guided tours please contact STF Kebnekaise Mountain Station.