The beginning of the end

The old Kiruna city hall “Igloo” served for 55 years before the time came for a change. The square brick building, designed by Arthur von Schmalensee, was replaced in 2018 with the new city hall – Kristallen.

On January 12, 2019, the old city hall building was officially handed over from the municipality of Kiruna to LKAB and thus the decommissioning work started. So far, there is no visible activity, but rather an internal demolition work, operational commissioning and dismantling of cultural values.

The demolition of the old city hall building will be completed already in late summer 2019. At the site, a park area will be created, a so-called Mine City Park that can be used until the area is part of LKAB’s mining industry area. Exactly how the area will look is not quite clear yet, but the starting point for the design is that the site reminds visitors of what once was.