Photo: Chad Blakley.

STF Abiskojaure Mountain Cabin accessibility improved

Nature is for everyone! The work to improve the accessibility of STF Abiskojaure mountain cabin for disabled visitors has been completed and on March 25 an inauguration ceremony was held in the presence of King Carl XVI Gustaf.

The STF Abiskojaure mountain cabin in Abisko National Park is located 14 kilometres from STF Abisko Mountain station and is one of the most frequented places along the King’s Trail. Through the accessibility modifications funded by Sweden’s county administrative boards and the Swedish Tourist Association, the cabin now has the following improvements:

  • Ramps between buildings
  • Accessible outhouse
  • Widened doors
  • New entrance to the shop
  • Accessible sauna
  • Remodelled guest kitchen
  • Modified beds for wheelchair users
  • Edge protection at wood burners
  • Fire alarm for the hearing impaired

During the inauguration ceremony, the King said in his speech:

“The STF Abiskojaure mountain cabin is now accessible to more people, thanks to the contributions of the Swedish Tourist Association and the county administrative boards. It is an important part of the efforts to preserve and develop the King’s Trail and it is also an important signal to the outside world. Tourism in our country is growing rapidly. Internationally, especially nature tourism is on the increase. If we can show that we are working successfully to make the Swedish wilderness more accessible for everyone, then it will strengthen our entire country as a tourist destination.”

The Abiskojaure mountain cabin is STF’s first fully accessible cabin but already there are plans for similar initiatives in other parts of the mountains.