Pastry chef from Kiruna could be the best in Sweden!

One of the best pastry chefs in the country is in Kiruna. Franciane Tartari, pastry chef at FiKA by SPiS, is one of five finalists to compete for the title “Pastry chef of the year” in Stockholm October 11-12. 

Franciane has previously won several international awards for her baking- and garnish art. Two and a half years ago, she moved to Kiruna and is now working as a pastry chef at FiKA by SPiS. The contest includes four elements; cake, three kinds of sweet “finger foods”, a plate dessert and a secret element. Franciane Tartari has participated in many international competitions and she holds a World Championship title. She is world champion in creating sculptures of sugar. But despite her great experience, she is nervous about the upcoming competition.

– Yes, I am. It is so short on time. I have to practice a lot and have trouble managing the time, says Franciane Tartari.

At FiKA by SPiS, which is open every day of the week, you can eat good food, tasty pastries, delicious cakes and yummy beverages. It’s good!