Local handicraft in Kiruna – Silver

Sámi handicraft is mostly made of reindeer horn and birch, natural materials from the surroundings, but we also have a long tradition of silver. My name is Charlotta Fjällborg and I’m working for the old Sámi handicraft store Carl Wennberg in Kiruna. 

We are proud to work with several local silversmiths from Kiruna and the villages around. Its a part of our vision, to spread the knowledge and beauty of these silver traditions. This time I would like to invite you to read about four talented women and their work.
In the village Idivuoma the famous silversmith Erica Huuva has her studio. She is combining the art of Sámi design in a modern way and the collection is compound in an emphatic way, so you clearly can see the origin from Erica Huuva.
We have a great cooperation with Ateljé Tuisku. Sandra Tuisku is a talented silversmith with big inspiration from the beautiful nature in Abisko. The design is more minimalist with an obvious statement.  This interesting designer is also making art with motives from the nature.

East of Kiruna we have the beautiful village Soppero. Here lives and work the silversmith Torild Labba. Many women in Kiruna wear her signature silverring, with different colorful stones decorated with a local design from the Sámi tradition.

North east of Kiruna we have a company called Kristallen in Lannavaara. The designer and driving force for the company is Jenny Söderström. She arranges silversmith courses and mineral and stones expertise. She has a classic design of a snowflake, made of her mother, inspired from the long winters with a lot of snow in Lapland. She is also making a silver jewelry collection named Kebnekaise after the highest mountain in Sweden.

All these four talented silversmiths, we are happy to present in the store of Carl Wennberg at Bergmästaregatan in Kiruna. We also offer parts of their collection in our online store at www.wennberg.com. You are welcome to contact us by email if you have any questions – carl@wennberg.com.

Warm greetings 

Charlotta Fjällborg,
Carl Wennberg AB in Kiruna