Lingering snow can cause problems for early hikers

The Swedish Tourist Association and the County Administrative Board are recommending early mountain hikers to postpone their trip due to lingering snow cover in the Kiruna mountains.

Due to a cold spring, there is still a heavy snowpack in the mountains of northern Lapland. Many of the summer trails remain covered in snow and the County Administrative Board is concerned that hiking conditions in the Kiruna mountains may be difficult in June and even in early July.

The timing of the spring thaw varies between years, but an old rule of thumb is that it is safest to plan the mountain hike for the second half of July. By then, most of the snow has melted and most of the melting water has disappeared.

Kiruna Tourist Center recommends hikers, who are planning to hike in the Kiruna mountains during the early summer, to check snow conditions prior to departure. If the holiday cannot be postponed and the hike cannot be completed, there are many other activities available in the Kiruna area.

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