Kiruna, not just a city!

Kiruna is a young city, with its city plan approved by the King Oscar II in April 1900. The first girl who was born in the new city, actually already on August 21st 1899, was given the name Kiruna. She’s actually not the only one! Please read the story about the british girl Kiruna King, who was born in 1978, and why she got her name!

Growing up in England, my name has always been a talking point.

My mother, Susan Winsborrow (nee Millman), graduated from Edinburgh University in 1966 with a degree in English and went to Sweden with the British Council. She taught adults English for 2 years before returning to Edinburgh University to study Applied Linguists. She returned to Sweden in 1969 and was employed by the Swedish Educational Authority as an advisor of English to Swedish schools in Northern Sweden. She was based in Umeå, staying with Solveig and Bernt Bylund, and travelled to schools throughout Northern Sweden, including Kiruna. She loved Kiruna and the countryside around, including Abisko, the Gateway to Lapland and always tried to visit the town as often as possible.

In 1971, my father drove from England via Göteborg in a little blue and white Mini car the length of Sweden to Umeå and then on to Kiruna to bring his fiancée (my mother) home with all her belongings. They were married in September 1971 and when I was born in 1978, they decided to name me after the lovely town in Sweden where she had been so happy.

Both my mother and I made a trip to Kiruna in 1994 and I was so pleased to come and see my very own town! My mother who sadly died in 2007, would have loved the idea that the town of Kiruna had written about  her daughter Kiruna.