Foto: Jessica Nildén

Farewell Igloo – Kiruna has a new city hall!

On Friday, August 10th at 5 pm, the doors to Kiruna City Hall were closed for good. The city hall called “Igloo” was inaugurated in 1963. The following year, the building was awarded the Kasper Salin Prize with the words “Sweden’s most beautiful building”. For 55 years, the city hall has been a meeting room and event hall and has become known as “Kiruna’s living room”.

The old city hall is now being demolished as a result of the ongoing city transformation, but some parts of the building will live on in the new city hall “Kristallen” (the crystal). The iconic bell tower, which has always been a strong symbol for Kiruna, has been moved to the new city hall and now stands on the square next to the building. Esaias Poggat’s beautiful door handles symbolizing a Sámi ceremony drum will adorn the entrance. Several other parts of the old city hall will be transferred to other buildings in Kiruna.

Kirunas gamla stadshus "Igloo", ritad av arkitekt Arthur von Schmalensee.

Kiruna’s old city hall “Igloo”, by architect Arthur von Schmalensee.

Kiruna’s old city hall has always been an inviting building. When the new city hall was planned, it would be a lot more than just a workplace for municipal employees, but it should be as inviting and public as it has always been. Open to both local residents and visitors. The old city hall was a symbol of Kiruna and it was important that that symbol accompany the new city hall. One should look at the building and know “That’s Kiruna”.

Kiruna Municipality owns a large collection of art of very good quality. The collection is increasing and now consists of just over 2000 works of art that have been made using a variety of techniques. Strong traditions of art have accompanied the development of the town ever since it was founded, so the new town hall in Kiruna is the self-evident place for Norrbotten’s first county museum of art. The new town hall shall create good prerequisites for different art exhibitions in order to make art in the municipality and county more accessible. Art shall play a predominant role in the new town hall and shall permeate the entire building. The gold-plated building in the middle, the part we call the Crystal, is a separate house in the house.

The building’s public spaces such as council rooms and the art museum are wrapped in the three story circular office building. The circle is made with internal glass walls so that the light can flow in from the outside and illuminate the gold-plated crystal in the middle.

The restaurant will open with full service on September 1. The restarant part of the city hall contains a relaxing lounge with a cozy fire place.

The city hall is open between monday and friday 08.00-17.00 and you can easily get there by car or the local bus – red line.

Fun facts:
Gold plates inside: about 3200 pcs
Gold plates outside: about 2100 pcs
Number of construction workers: 1237 people 
Coldest day of construction: -38 degrees celsius
Total building height: 34 m
Total building area: 13400 m²
Pipe in the house: 200 km
Electricity cable in the house: 167 km