The jubilee necklace in birch and reindeer horn. Photo: Carl Wennberg shop.

Carl Wennberg 110 years!

In 1907, Franz Gustaf Wennberg opened a grocery store on Bergmästaregatan 2 in Kiruna. 110 years later, the Wennberg family still operates the business in the same house in central Kiruna. Since several decades, groceries have been replaced by Sámi arts and crafts and the shop is nowadays equally popular among tourists as among the locals.

Thanks to the Wennberg family’s great interest in Sámi handicrafts, the Carl Wennberg shop has become widely known for its exquisite range of products from artists in Kiruna and the surrounding villages. The company’s vision is to preserve and promote Sámi handicrafts and Kiruna’s historical heritage, always with a focus on delivering a warm and professional customer service.

Through the years, several women have been important driving forces in the business. Greta Wennberg, whose paintings were inspired by the beautiful nature of Abisko, is one of few women in Kiruna who has a street named after her. Maj Wennberg was an appreciated textile artist with a special talent for creating hats and mittens. Ingeborg Wennberg has devoted her entire life to handicrafts and through her extensive language skills and warm personality, she has introduced many customers to Sámi handicrafts and Kiruna’s history.

In connection with the shop’s 110th anniversary, Carl Wennberg aims to highlight the work of its talented craftsmen. During 2017, the focus will be on jewellery and through the designer Bo-Göran Korvi, the shop has developed a special jubilee necklace made from birch and engraved reindeer horn, in the shape of a ptarmigan and with a strap made of twisted reindeer leather. The name Kiruna comes from the Sámi word for ptarmigan, giron, and for a Kiruna company that has been welcoming visitors for 110 years, it is very fitting that a ptarmigan has inspired the proud jubilee necklace. You can find the necklace here.

The current re-development of Kiruna will eventually lead to the relocation of the Carl Wennberg shop to a new address in the new city centre. But for now, all visitors are warmly welcome to the original shop on Bergmästaregatan 2.