Aurora Spa, photo: Björn Wanhatalo

Aurora Spa – relaxation the Kiruna way!

For the family company Camp Ripan, nature has always been a source of recreation and wellbeing. Sustainability is not only about preserving our resources, it’s also about taking advantage of what we have in our beautiful surroundings. Aurora Spa is relaxation – the Kiruna way!

Swedish Lapland and Kiruna are rich in contrasts, they enrich the lives of those who live here, and Camp Ripan are proud to be able to share them with their guests at Aurora Spa. The treatments are based on old Swedish, Sámi and Torne Valley Finnish medicinal traditions that you carry out on yourself at your own pace. All the ingredients come from nature.

Camp Ripan has been certified in Sustainable Arctic Destination and Kiruna Lappland now presents a lovely video about Aurora Spa. Watch it and get inspired! 

With the goal of providing tourism companies with the tools they need to grow and develop in a sustainable direction, Kiruna Lappland have developed a sustainability programme known as “Sustainable Arctic Destination”. Sustainable Tourism is the future of tourism and we take great pride in representing a destination that offers our guests and visitors such diverse opportunities of authentic experiences.