Streamer Fishing & River Rafting for Big Brown Trout

This trip focus on fishing for big brown trout from rubber boats whilst moving down the river. The key to succeed in this kind of fishing is to do fast and precise casts to places
where the trout can be hiding out, such as different structures. Grayling and arctic char can be available, depending on which stretch of river and river is selected. Our guide take you on this incredible journey along beautiful river areas, where you can enjoy silence, good food and spectacular views!

Fishing and Equipment
The trip is suitable only for fly fishing with relative short rods (class 7-8, 7’-9’) in order to do precise casts. Different kind of streamers is the main fly style, in different sizes. Nymphs can also be used for drifting. Prepare for a versatile style of fishing during the trip. Flies can be discussed with the guide prior to the trip.

Accommodation, meals and clothing
The travel arrangement includes accommodation in tents or Tentipi. The guest shall bring an own sleeping bag. The group is divided into multiple rubber boats, where the guests
also participate in the paddling. The group is led by the guide. Breakfast, dinner and supper every day are included and all meals are served outside by the guide. The trip is
divided into legs, where the camp site is moved along the river.

The temperature during day time varies between +10 to 20 °C in the air and +5 to 10 °C in the water during days and night time even below 0 °C and the weather can shift quickly so be prepared with warm clothing. Layer clothing highly recommended and wading gear is a must. A sleeping bag should be brought along as the trip includes staying in tents or

The group paddles on flowing water, which means that clothing and equipment will become wet. One big backpack per guest is only allowed, due to the size of the rubber boats and safety concerns. Pack accordingly and try to avoid bringing electronics, or pack them in dry packs. Other personal equipment such as toiletries, warm and adequate
clothing and equipment shall be brought by the guest.

During the summer there are usually a lot of flies and mosquitoes so repellent is a must.

Travel arrangement

First day

The guests are picked up either from Kiruna airport or city centre and go either by car or helicopter to the river. We do a walk-through of the trip and security
arrangements and verify that the group is ready for the fishing. Guests change clothes and the group heads of. Fishing is done mainly from the boat. Security equipment is included.

Next fishing days

The days start with breakfast and the journey continues in beautiful landscapes. The group moves down the river and the camp site is moved accordingly,
according to the guide’s decision. Lunch is normally served next to the river and dinner at the camp site.

Last day

The last days start with a breakfast and then the group heads to the pickup site, from where the guests are taken back for a refreshing sauna and shower. The guests are
after that taken back to either Kiruna airport or city centre.

Join us and explore the fantastic mountain world, with incredible fishing and spectacular wilderness!

Please note: If the water level in the planned river is too high, the guide decides if the river shall be changed or even river rafting cancelled. In the case that Arctic River Co cannot offer a comparable package, the customer has the right to get money back. Other costs such as travel to and from Kiruna is not covered.