Fishing Camp North of Kiruna

Right outside the door of our Fishing Camp north of Kiruna, the massive northern pikes are cruising around and beautiful trouts are chasing baits in the rapids. We invite you to stay in wilderness cabins next to the river and go casting or fly fishing whenever you feel like – day or night.

Rent guides, boats, kayaks and finish off a great day of fishing with a good meal and sauna. There are no roads nearby the camp and we travel there by boat – which makes the fishing extraordinary.

If you like to, we can arrange for you to start your first day with a guide who will show your around the rivers and help you find the best fishing spots. Cruise through calm inlets or past the stunning delta before battling a feisty river pike, trout or grayling. We will provide you with a map of the area so you can get an overview of the places you find interesting.

July and August are great months for catching beautiful, big graylings and brown trouts in the Vakkakoski rapids, either through casting or fly fishing. The best time for river pike fishing in the Rautas River is in the beginning of June or in September. It’s possible to catch pike by fishing from land, or you can rent a boat to get around.

To fish in the area you need a fishing license, which we are happy to provide for you.

Before starting your fishing adventure, we cook a steady breakfast at the camp. You can also buy a lunch package to bring along for the day. For dinner it is possible to choose either a package where dinner is served outdoors next to the campfire, or to have your meal served on a certain time in the kitchen cabin. We cook both traditional local northern food and international meals. If you prefer to bring your own food that is perfectly fine too. You will have access to a fully equipped kitchen cabin with gas stoves, a gas oven and a food cellar.

Package price: 800 SEK per day/ person.

Return transport Kiruna–Vakkakoski (car 15 km, boat 10 km): 2000 SEK maximum 5 people. Additional persons: 400 SEK/person.

Guide: 8 hours for maximum 5 people: 5000 SEK.

Food package: 250 SEK per day/ person.