Summer premiere in Nikkaluokta

01 January

We open for the summer season on Saturday 10/6 and are open all days throughout the summer. In the restaurant and cafe there are food and goodies. In the shop there are fine crafts and equipment. In the cottage there are available cabins for rent for one night, for a weekend. Stay overnight in Nikkaluokta, do day trips in the mountain valleys! Here is the best start or finish on Kungsleden tours to Abisko or Ritsem, and the obvious starting point for climbing Kebnekaises highest peak.

Gallery Skaídi Nikkaluokta premiere opens 10/6 at 14.00 with VERNISSAGE for the exhibition VÅR I KVADRAT, 15 members of Kiruna Artcollective.

Open 2017 Summer season 10/6 – 24/9