Spring BBQ and Open House at Sámi Siida in Jukkasjärvi

02 April
Event Time/s:

On Sunday, April 2, the Sámi eco-tourism company Nutti Sámi Siida has Open House with free admission to Sámi Siida at Márkanbáiki/Kyrkudden in Jukkasjärvi, between 10.00 and 17.00.

Welcome to a day of fun activities for the whole family: free reindeer driving, lasso throwing for children, gurpi competition, BBQ, Sámi handicrafts market and more.

Between 2 and 4 p.m. there will be a Lasso Throwing Contest – WINNER TAKES IT ALL – with prizes worth 6000 SEK. The participation fee is 50 SEK.

Simon Marainen, Swedish-Sámi poet and joik artist, entertains with joiking during the day.

Welcome to Nutti Sámi Siida!