ICEHOTEL 28, Art Suite Queen of the North. Design Emilie Steele & Sebastian Dell’Uva. Photo Asaf Kliger.

ICEHOTEL #29 opens for the season

14 December

Get a good night’s sleep in a candy shop filled with sweets, settle down in a suite with a swimming ice woman with a love for cold baths, and fall asleep in an aquarium, watched by a huge cat. These are three of the designs that guests can experience on December 14 when ICEHOTEL opens the seasonal part of the hotel for the 29th time.

The story of the original ICEHOTEL starts in 1989. It’s also Sweden’s most unique and probably most extensive private art hall. Each year it’s reincarnated in a new guise, carefully designed and hand crafted by some 40 artists from around the world. Follow on a guided tour to learn more.

Open daily 10.00-18.00.