A Town Hall Saga

11 October - 23 October
Event Time/s:
Under Folkets Hus ordinarie öppettider.

Welcome to Folkets Hus Kiruna to see the exhibition of the book

A Town Hall Saga by Lars Isestig

A popular scientific documentation of Kirunas town hall in the form of a picture book by Lars Isestig.

In collaboration with Konstmuseet i Norr the illustrator Lars Isestig has created an illustrative documentary book of Kirunas town hall aimed primarily at children and teenagers. This target group makes it possible to increase knowledge about the history of the towns buildings and to foster participation in the development of the city.

In connection with the ongoing urban development in Kiruna as a result of LKABs mining Kirunas current town hall Igloo by Arthur von Schmalensee will be replaced by Kristallen – Henning Larsens winning entry in the architectural competition for the new town hall. Kiruna town halls status as a listed building has been suspended but the County Board still requires that the building be documented before its dismantling and demolition.

The town hall is a symbolic building for the city of Kiruna. The building is of great cultural and historical significance due to its architectural design as well as the architects interpretation of a town halls function and the local conditions. The building contains a number of references to Kirunas history and is characterised by a sound design encompassing everything from the buildings location to the details in the interior and a well thought-out spatiality. The building contains a number of artworks including several that have been created specifically for this building thus making visual art an appropriate documentary format that in yet another way relates to the buildings design.

In accordance with the County Boards requirements the documentation will encompass several perspectives on the building such as architectural history art engineering social history and environmental values. It will also include an ethnological record that highlights activities and operations in the town hall as well as impressions of how it is to work in and visit the building.

Buy your copy of the book at www.litenupplaga.se1595

Whether it is about historical events legends or simply gossip we learn to understand the world we live in through stories.
Lars Isestig illustrator