Gunnar Larsson/ Rostujávri Vildmarkscamp

Rostujávri Wilderness camp

Welcome to Sweden’s northernmost wilderness camp. The camp is beautifully situated on the mountain lake Rostujávri, about 110 km north of Kiruna.

As a visitor, you will find yourself right in the heart of a Sámi cultural landscape. We do not call it “wilderness” because the Sámi people cultivated the land for millennia. The area on both sides of the lake is today used by the Sámi villages mainly as spring and autumn grazing.

Rostujávri is not only arctic char fishing on spring ice, for a few brief and intense months. Rostujávri is also the subarctic summer fish delight with a superb fly fishing for grayling from the beginning of July and all of August. The lake and the surrounding landscape is well preserved Sámi cultural landscape with sparkling streams, belching ptarmigan, glistening arctic char and vast mountain heaths. In the Rostujávri southeastern part the classic fly fishing water Rostueatnu begins. The river eventually flows together with Dávvaeatnu. Together they form the fabled Sandåslandet’s mother river, Lainio river.

For summer visitors, fishing opportunities are almost endless and the scenery the most extravagant Norrbotten mountain region has to offer. Not even the million mosquitoes can change that picture. There are many lyric fish stories associated with Rostujávri. As many as the summer visitors through the years who wet their hooks, flies and moves.
You can become one of them and get a fishing memory for life!

About the camp 
* Ten four-bed cabins and five two-bed cabins. Self-catering facilities.
* Heating and cooking is done with gas.
* Sauna and a conference cabin available for rent.
* The camp also features a mobile phone contact with the outside world.
* Kiosk where you can buy the bare necessities, including gasoline and oil if you come with your own snowmobile.