You can travel by train all the way from Stockholm to Kiruna. You can choose the night train and sleep away the hours until you arrive in northern Sweden. From Kiruna you can go all the way to Narvik in Norway and then you will be travelling on Swedens most beautiful railway line between Torneträsk and Riksgränsen!

You can search trips and buy tickets on SJ:s website. You can also contact them on the phone for personal service: SJ: +46 (0)771-75 75 75.
NOTE! It is not possible to buy your ticket at the train station or on the train.

New train station in Kiruna!
The train station in Kiruna closed on August 31 2013 and a new temporary station was opened instead. This station will be used until the permanent train station is built, earliest in 2017. The new station is about 2 km north of the city centre, along the E10.

There are buses free of charge between the bus station in the city centre and the train station. Timetable here.

The station building is handicap-friendly and there are lockers where you can store your luggage.