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Two days mountain trail on horseback

A perfect tour for you who want to ride in the mountains and stay overnight in a sami teepee (lávvu). For this your you need some years of riding experience. We ride on the bare mountain east of the mountains of Kebnekaise, where we have a very great view. Mostly we ride in pathless terrain or on small paths so then we see how sure-footed the Icelandic horse is. We can ride in different tempos depending on the terrain.

During the tour we have an extra horse carrying the food and other things, but everyone carries her/his own personal things in saddle-bags on the own horse. Round the fire we eat lunch out in the nature and when we arrive to our night camp we help each other with the horses and preparing the food.

The next day we ride back to the place where we started the ride. On some of the tours this summer we will day2 continue west to Ratekjokk where we leave the horses and cross by boat the Kalix river and then with car back to the farm (can also be ridden in the other direction). We stay overnight in a “lávvu” in sleeping bags and in the area where we ride we see almost no tourists. The Icelandic horse is a strong horse but not that big, so the maximum weight of the rider is 90 kg. The first morning we meet or on our farm for further transportation with car to the starting point.

Length: 2 days 1 night (2 riding days) (day1 8.30 am – dag2 5 pm)
Dates: 25-26.7, 27-28.8 2016
Included: riding two days, full board and lodging (lunch day1-lunch day2), horse with equipment, guide (swe-, english talking), helmet
Not included: transfer from Kiruna (extra cost SEK 400), Extra accommodation (SEK400), extra meals
Riding experience: Yes, some years riding experience, able to control a horse in open terrain, good physical health
Cost: SEK 3250 per person (min 2 persons)