Technical Visits: Lannavaara, diamonds

Kristallen AB was founded in 1982 by Agne and Barbro Söderström in the village of Lannavaara in Lappland. In the beginning, the basic idea of the company was to work with tourism involving gold and minerals in combination with jewelry design and production. But over the past 20 years, the company has grown considerably and is now above all established as an education centre for precious stones and metalwork.

Over the years, the company has built up a unique knowledge about gems, minerals and can today offer education in prospecting, stonecutting, goldsmithing and gemmology. Kristallen AB offers gemmology courses of international standard since we are an Accredited Teaching Centre under The Gemmological Association of Great Britain. The education in gemmology started with the key event of when a diamond was found in Kiruna municipality in 1996. This is when the company decided that their own Torbjörn Lindwall should be educated on the subject.

The beauty of a diamond has always fascinated people. Its unique brilliance and hardness makes it the natural winner among all gems. This delightful stone is a stranger to no one, and its beauty and value have caused many people to lose their heads.
What does a diamond consist of? Where do you find them? How do they form? Why are they so hard? How is it possible to cut them? What makes them so expensive? To the most important question of all, can you find a diamond on your own?

LECTURER: Torbjörn Lindwall FGA (Fellowship of the Gemological Association, DGA (Diamond member of the Gemological Association)
TIME : 2 hours
AVAILABILITY: Year-round, upon request