Skiing – ski school & guided ski tours

Skiing is more fun the better you are. At the ski school, all skiers can learn something new. Beginner or advanced – challenge yourself!

Our experienced instructors will help you polish your technique to its best. They will show you where the best skiing is and adapt the courses to your abilities, previous experience and wishes.

Get the most out of your lesson with your own instructor who will focus on developing your skiing. The lesson can be shared by up to eight people in a group.

When: daily (February 3 – May 7, 2017)
Price: 1.5 hours private: 745 SEK, 120 SEK per additional person
3 hours private: 1195 SEK, 200 SEK per additional person
Time: 1,5 hour, 12.45 pm – 2.15 pm & 2.30 pm – 4 pm. 3 hours, 1 pm – 4 pm


Ski tour – “1313” for beginners 
Join one of our ski guides and discover the off-piste area around Björkliden. You will get advice on techniques for off-piste skiing and the chance to discover places you wouldn’t find on your own.

For skiers with some off-piste experience who would like to try a peak tour, an activity that’s hard to beat if you like skiing, mountains and sweating a little – ‘Earn your turns’!

You will learn how climbing skins and alpine touring equipment work. We walk for approx two hours to our cairn on Peak 1313 and write our names in the tour book. Some lovely skiing then awaits on large untouched areas out on the mountain. After some staking we are back at the hotel. This is also suitable for those who have toured before but not in this area or who want some touring company.

When: Friday 9 am – 12.45 pm (March 13 – May 7, 2017)
Price: 525 SEK per person. Included in the price: avalanche safety equipment, introduction to use of transciever and guide.
Participants: max 8 people
Info: it might be a good idea to bring something to snack on during the tour.

Off-piste guide
With the off-piste guide, you will explore the area connected by the lift-system. Your guide will take you to “The Black Bear”, “The Icefall” and “The Meadows” and show you the best runs of the day. The off-piste skiing in Björkliden is easily accessible from the lift-system.

When: Monday & Friday 10.30 am – 12 noon (February 10 – March 12, 2017)
Monday & Saturday 10.30 am – 12 noon (March 13 – May 7, 2017)
Price: 350 SEK per person incl. avalanche safety equipment and guide.
Participants: max 8 people

The children are split into groups according to age and ability. Regardless of group, the children can take part in the ski school for 4 days (Monday-Thursday) or 3 days (Friday-Sunday).

When: Monday – Thursday or Friday – Sunday (February 3 – May 7, 2017)
Children 4-6 years, 3 days 525 SEK/child
Children 4-6 years, 4 days 650 SEK/child
Children 7-11 years, 3 days 595 SEK/child
Children 7-11 years, 4 days 695 SEK/child

Note! If only one person has booked, the ski school will be one day shorter.