One night – two seasons

Now you made it all the way up to Sweden’s northernmost municipality to see the midnight sun in Kiruna. But wherever you go you will find traces of the last winter. Snow plows are still standing on company yards, snowmobile magazines in the newspaper shelves, pictures and brochures of the Icehotel are presented in your hotel and when you take a walk after dinner you hear sleddogs howling from a distance…

We invite you to experience the best of both seasons during one night!

We pick you up by minivan at your accommodation in Kiruna or Jukkasjärvi at 20.00 and take some short peeks behind the scenes of some genuine winter experiences in Kiruna: On a short visit at one of Kiruna’s biggest sleddog kennels you will see Alaskan Huskies and learn about how to keep, train, and work with these top athletes. We will take a look at a snowmobile to explain technical aspects and risks while operating these popular machines. After a short drive we will stop at the village of Jukkasjärvi to inform you about the famous Icehotel and to take a look at the beautiful old wooden church. On the next stage towards the Esrange rocket launch facilities you will hear basics about the magnificient Aurora Borealis / the northern lights and how deep Kiruna is involved in space science.

Now it will be time to sit relaxed around an open fire in the wilderness to get answers for all your questions regarding the seasons in this area. You’re welcome to access our cooler box with sausages, take a piece of bread and a coffee to finish the winter topics with a BBQ. If you think you’re tough enough just bring your swimwear and a towel to take a refreshing dip into the close-by lake at midnight…

Since you’ll be now prepared for your winter holiday in Kiruna we will switch back to summer: We’ll be in time at 00.40 to watch the sun at it’s lowest position from the mountain Luossavaara at the viewpoint spot located 724 meters above sea level. After 5,5 hours you will have received many insights in year round life and activities in Kiruna and your guide will drop you at your hotel/hostel at 01.30.

Good night & see you next winter!

Season 2016: Mai, 27th until July, 16th
Availability: Every Monday / Wednesday / Friday
Pick – up: Your hotel/hostel in Kiruna or Jukkasjärvi at 08.00 PM
Duration: 5,5 hours
Participants: Min 2 persons. Max 5 persons.
Price: 1380 SEK/person. Children 6-12 years of age: 999 SEK if accompanied by two adults. Minimum age: 6 years

Price includes:
Experienced driver – guide
Guidance in English / Swedish / German
Coffee, tea, soft drinks, sausages, bread during the BBQ
Visit to the sled dog kennel and other stops reg. itinerary
Electro-chemical protection against insects during our famous mosquito festival

In case you don’t want to grill sausages you are welcome to bring your own food for the BBQ
If you prefer to have a beer during the BBQ you are welcome to bring your own