Northern Light Photo and Video Tour to Abisko

Expert Northern Lights Photography & Video Tour from Kiruna Lapland to Abisko

Spend a fantastic fun, spectacular and educational evening in search of The Aurora Borealis with our experienced world class photographer Marcel du Bont, We will take you from Kiruna to Abisko looking for the mystical Northern Lights. We may very well make a few random stops along the way if we see any signs of the Aurora on our journey as you never know when they will come and light up the sky. Our guide has a fantastic eye for them and will do his best to ensure that you have an opportunity to see the Aurora and hopefully photograph them.

Abisko, situated in the Aural Oval, which is a ring around the geomagnetic North Pole, is one of the best places in the world to have a chance to see the Northern Lights, due to the bowl of mountains surrounding Abikso a micro climate is created, this in turn reduces the amount of cloud cover above increasing your chance to see this amazing spectacle. Our guide is part of an international study group of The Aurora and if you would like to learn more about The Northern lights before you come on our tour have a look at their website here:

It’s cold in the Arctic in winter time and often the Aurora comes to shine when temperatures can be as cold as -30c, so we suggest you dress as warm as you can but we will also provide you with overalls in order to keep you warm. When we arrive somewhere around Abisko, we will make a cozy wood fire and server you tea and cookies to help keep you warm in the biting Arctic Climate.

We Provide

A World-Class Northern Light Photographer.

Transportation from Kiruna to Abisko and back

Camera equipment (Optional)

Snacks and Drinks

SD Card you can purchase from us (Optional)

What you need to bring

Warm Clothes

Your own camera equipment (Optional)

SD Card (or buy one from us)

PRICE: 1200 Sek or 1000 Sek for Camp Alta guests living at the Camp.

DURATION: 4-5 hours

Pick Up in Kiruna: 20:30

Back in Kiruna: 01:00 (approx)