Kebnekaise- Western Trail

A pure walking trail that goes up in the Kittel-valley, turns left in the mountain pass
between Vierramvare and Toplagorni, and then continues up the Vierramvare-mountain. Thereafter you'll go down to the Kaffe-valley, and then up the Kebnekaise mountain until you come to the Top Cabin. From there it's not far to the South top of Kebnekaise. You will take the same route back to the Mountain Station again. It's a strained but viable trip for normal trained persons. This is the most popular trip if you want to reach the top. You can camp along the way to save some time. A piece of advise is to camp so that you see the Vierramvare-mountain (1711 m). If it's too cloudy to see this mountain, then you'll know that you'll probably not see anything from the top of Kebnekaise either.