Exclusive Husky Dogsledding Lunch Tour

Situated in the Poikkijärvi Forest 17km away from the crowded tourist area of Kiruna we share a fantastic dogsledding experience with you. Home to cute and powerful Siberian and Alaskan Huskies you are invited to come and meet these awesome dogs and enjoy a momentus few hours in their company.

When you arrive at the kennels our knowledgable guides will show you around and tell you a little about the dogs as each one has a unique character. We want you to really experience what we do with the Huskies, so if you want we will try to involve you as much as possible.

After meeting the dogs, your guide will take you through an fairly indepth training session, so you keep yourself and your Husky team safe. we will together put the harnesses on the dogs and prepare the teams for departure into the white glistening Arctic Wonderland.

Your team of Huskies will take you through our groomed trails into the snow laden Poikkijärvi forest, across large frozen swamps and into sparkling lakes covered by a hige sheet of ice, we will stop a few times to give the dogs a rest, change drivers of the dogsled and take some amazing photographs of you with your dog team, which we will give you access to free of charge later, so you can keep your memory of this amazing day forever.

Once back at our Husky Camp, we will reward our amazing Husky team by giving them a nice chunk of meat as a treat. Then they will run off for a little nap in their cozy boxes full of warm straw. In our firehut we will prepare a delicious hearty dish of Salmon or Mushroom soup served with Polar Bröd to help warm up your chilly bones, if we have had enough snow you will also be able to play around and take pictures in our traditional Igloo.

Times: 09.00–14.00, please note times are approximate.
Price: 1400 SEK/adult, 1300 SEK/student (Valid Student ID will be required), 700 SEK/child under 12 years.
Price includes: warm overalls, transfer to and from your hotel (with a 20km radius), tasty lunch (Please let us know in advance if you are vegetarian or have any food allergies). 2 people share a sled. 

Please also note whilst you do not need to be an Olympic Sprinter, sometimes depending on the snow conditions, you may have to help the dog team a little, which is normal in our sport. Do let us know in advance, if you have any health issues as we may still be able to accommodate you. We can and will take physically challenged people if it is possible. So, please get in touch.