Dogsled overnight tour

Guests have the opportunity to ride in the guide’s sled, or to drive your own team of 3-4 dogs. One night in a wilderness camp, access to sauna. Cabin has electricity, but no running water. Dinner and breakfast are included.

Person under 14 years old is not allowed to drive dogsled because of safety reason. Child/youth under 12 years old can sit as passenger with someone else or guide.

Price includes: guide, 1 person/sled, winter clothing*, meals, overnight in a wilderness cabin, bathtowel/sleeping bag, transfer.
Duration of tour: 20 hrs
Total duration includes: time for transfer, changing clothes, break for meal/coffee.
Distance covered: 26-35km
Departure point: Kiruna Guidetur Office at 13:00.

*Winter clothing includes: boots, winter overalls, thick gloves, warm hat.