Authentic Northern Lights Dog Sledding Adventure

An experience with a fantastic team of trained huskies is awesome, but to also witness the mystical Northern Lights in Swedish Lapland at the same time is nothing short of breathtaking. Drive your own team of Alaskan and Siberian Huskies in search of the amazing phenonemom. Our Husky camp is situated outside the crowded tourist area of Kiruna in the dark Poikkijärvi Forest, here with no light pollution you have a fantastic opportunity to see the enchanting vibrance of the Aurora and get some fantastic photographs of you with your Husky sled dog team under the Northern Lights.

Once you arrive at the Husky camp, we will show you around to meet the dogs and tell you a little about your new furry friends. We want you to get involved, it’s your experience, we will be around to help at all times but we give you a detailed training session in driving dogs so you can manage your trip with confidence.

Once we have the Husky Teams ready to go, the atmosphere will be full of anticpation, drive and passion. You will barely be able to hear over the eager screaming Huskies as their excitement for running is pure high octane. Then we go…

Through the brilliance of the shimmering snow fields, the dogs quite now except the panting of their breaths and the hot air flowing thorugh the icy air. On your husky tour, you will travel through the aphotic Poikkijärvi Forest, across stretching frozen solid swamps, we may also ride over ice wrapped arctic lakes under the radiant northern moon as the Huskies pull on regardless no matter what surprises the weather has for us.

We will stop on occasion to give you the chance to change drivers, enjoy the Aurora if we see it and we will try and take some photographs for you so you can remember this extreme experience.

Once back at the Husky camp, we will give the dogs a lovely chunk of raw meat as a thank you for thier brilliant effort and let ehn go and have a nap in their warm straw filled dog houses. We will then prepare a rich local dish of Salmon or Mushroom soup served with Lappish polar bread. You will also be able to take some more photographs of the husky dogs and the Aurora if we see it or have a look around the camp and visit our traditional igloo if we have had enough snow to build it.

Time: pick up 17:45 – 21:30
Price: 1400 SEK/adult, 1300 SEK/student (Valid Student ID will be required), 700 SEK/child under 12 years
Price includes: Warm overalls, transfer to and from your hotel (with a 20km radius), tasty lunch (Please let us know in advance if you are vegetarian or have any food allergies), 2 people share a sled (Both can drive the sled)

If you just want to be driven by our guide please contact us in advance and we will try to accommodate this for you.
Please also note whilst you do not need to be an Olympic Sprinter, sometimes depending on the snow conditions, you may have to help the dog team a little, which is normal in our sport. Do let us know in advance, if you have any health issues as we may still be able to accommodate you. We can and will take physically challenged people if it is possible. So, please get in touch.