Marie Enoksson

Árbi Vuoján – Sami Experience with Reindeer Sledding

Visit a Sami village, meet some reindeer and enjoy a 5 km ride with the reindeer sled in the wintry countryside. An unforgettable experience of the traditional Sami lifestyle in the Arctic.

In the little Sámi village of Rávttas, 20 km west of Kiruna, you will encounter the genuine life of the reindeer people. Some of our reindeer are fed and cared for in a corral during the wintertime. You will get close to them and they will eat from your hand if you’re lucky. The highlight of this tour is the long ride with the reindeer sled through the snowy forest and on the frozen moors close to the mountain range. Reindeer sledding used to be the only way of transportation in Lapland in the wintertime, alongside skiing. It’s an unforgettable experience to steer the reindeer through the deep snow and at the same time enjoy the magnificent landscape. After the ride it’s time to relax and enjoy your lunch with reindeer meat and bread around the open fire in the lavvu (Sami tepee).

2 295 SEK/adult
1 150 SEK/children (3-12 years)

Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday, from Dec 4, 2015 – March 27, 2016
10 am – approx. 2 pm

Transfer, guide, warm clothing, lunch (please tell us beforehand if you don’t eat meat)

Min. 2 – Max. 8 persons

Your hotel in Kiruna C or the tourist office