Foto: Luca Mara

Learn skiing with Erik Wickström!

04 January - 06 January

In cooperation with Jukkasjarvi IF, Erik Wickström is coming to Kiruna where he is holding a full program of technical courses and lectures in cross-country skiing. 

Erik Wickström is a cross-country ski instructor, personal trainer and lecturer for companies, clubs and individuals. Erik is also the official coach for Vasaloppet  and author of popular and critically acclaimed book “skiing for you,” and will soon release a new book about fitness training for athletes. In April 2016, he paved 438 km on skis – longer than any other has skied in a day – in Vålådalen on a path of 412 meters.

At Eric’s track record is a victory in the race Engelbrecht from 2014 and a 25th place in the Vasaloppet same year, and a 12th place in Lidingöloppet in 2006. Erik Wickström will end his stay in Kiruna with attending the Camp Ripan race on January 7th.

Welcome to productive days with Erik!