KIRUNA - in Swedish Lapland

  • Campalta i Kiruna

    Campalta i KirunaCabins


    Cabins, snowmobile tours, Northern light tours, dogsled tours, sauna, ice hole bath, fishing, boat and canoe. 15 km from Kiruna you will find our beautiful wilderness camp situated close to the lake Altajärvi, where you can live and enjoy our ... »

  • Abisko Turiststation, Abisko

    Abisko Turiststation, AbiskoCabins


    Discover the mountains with us. STF Abisko is located in the middle of the Abisko National Park. Sleep tight, eat well and experience the breathtaking mountains surrounding the Lapporten Valley and Lake Torneträsk. »

  • Björkliden Fjällby

    Björkliden FjällbyCabins


    Björkliden is beautifully situated among towering mountains and magnificent scenery.WinterHere awaits great skiing, exciting activities and good food in a genuine mountain environment, just a few hours journey from the capital's noise. Large, white ... »

  • ICEHOTEL, Jukkasjärvi

  • Lappeasuando Lodge

    Lappeasuando LodgeCabins


    Welcome to Lappeasuando - Our 8 double rooms in a typically Sweidish style were completed end of 2009. Each room offers a wonderful view on the river Kalix, has its own entry, and space for 2-4 persons. Shower and bathroom facilities and internet ... »

  • Kiruna Guidetur

    Kiruna GuideturCabins


    You won’t find anything more snug. Stay in a wilderness suite at our camp by the Torne River. Own sauna in the cottage, shower and toilet. Warm and cosy soapstone stove.The prices are valid from 1st of May until the 20th of November. For prices ... »

  • Nikkaluokta Sarri

    Nikkaluokta SarriCabins


    Stay in the mountains in Nikkaluokta.Choose your accommodation from threelevels of comfort: house, charming cottage ormountain cottage. Wake up in the mountainsand enjoy your day in nature. »

  • Aurora Hostel

    Aurora HostelCabins


    Junosuando HostelJunosuando Hostel is the perfect accommodation for students and budget travelers that want to experience life in a small village in Lapland.  There is a dark open view to the North over the Torne River nearby the hostel which is ... »

  • Aurora Retreat Wilderness Camp

    Aurora Retreat Wilderness CampCabins


    Wilderness Retreat Camp at Parakka If you dream of snowshoeing or cross-country skiing in Lapland’s vast winter wilderness or cosy log cabins in quiet snowy woods, our Parakka Wilderness Retreat is the perfect escape for you. Here you will live ... »

  • Camp Ripan, Kiruna

    Camp Ripan, KirunaCabins


    Living at Camp Ripan means being close to the wilderness in your own comfortable cabin where adventures await you just outside your cabin door. Here you shall find activities for the entire family in both summer and wintertime. Follow our guide and ... »

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