KIRUNA - in Swedish Lapland

  • Guovssahasat - Reindeer & Northern lights

    Guovssahasat - Reindeer & Northern lightsNorthern lights & Midnight sun


    A magic night with reindeer, silence and hopefully the Northern lights - a well-known phenomenon in Sámi mythology.We will take you to Rávttas, a small Sámi village on the road to Norway. Far away from the city lights we’ll make an outing even ... »

  • Aurora Ride

    Aurora RideNorthern lights & Midnight sun


    On this evening trip you will ride as passenger in a sled driven by one of our professional guides as we set out to chase the amazing northern lights. The trip includes a short break to enjoy hot drinks and a cake. Riding a dog sled in the light of ... »

  • Aurora Dome - Northern Lights of the Autumn

    Aurora Dome - Northern Lights of the AutumnNorthern lights & Midnight sun


    Spend the evening with us in our Aurora Dome far awy from any light polution and discouver the mgic of the Northern Lights!We will serve you hot soup and bread as well as coffee/tea and tell you about the Northern Lights while waiting for them. We ... »

  • FREE DOWNLOAD - Kiruna aurora photography guide

    FREE DOWNLOAD - Kiruna aurora photography guideNorthern lights & Midnight sun


    On behalf of Kiruna Aurora Tours the Kiruna based aurora photographer Mia Stålnacke wrote down the basics of successful northern lights photography. The tutorial is available for free download as PDF. Please visit this link to download the ... »

  • Night cruise to Abisko

    Night cruise to AbiskoNorthern lights & Midnight sun


    JOIN US ON THE ROAD TO ABISKOOur special Aurora arrangement for individual travellers and photographers with advanced ambitions will bring you to Abisko - the "village of the northern lights". Due to it's unique location Abisko is known for its many ... »

  • Overnight tour with snowmobile

    Overnight tour with snowmobileNorthern lights & Midnight sun


    We drive the snow mobiles out in to the wilderness of the Torne river valley. We follow our own small tracks and seek out the finest spots near the river. In the evening the guide will make dinner for you in the cabin where you will sleep. Sauna, ... »

  • Aurora Colosseum

    Aurora ColosseumNorthern lights & Midnight sun


    Join this unique tour that you can enjoy both snowmobile-sled ride and Aurora. We go by minibus to our camp in Kurraara. From here you will ride on a sled that is attached to guide's snowmobile. We will drive on Torne River seaching for Aurora. We ... »

  • Aurora Dome - Discover The Northern Lights

    Aurora Dome - Discover The Northern LightsNorthern lights & Midnight sun


    Spend the evening with us in our Aurora Dome far away from any light polution and discover the magic of the Northern Lights!We will either walk with you, for around ten minutes, through the forests or drive you to the Dome on a trailer behind a two ... »

  • Aurora Sky Station

    Aurora Sky StationNorthern lights & Midnight sun


    Night Visit starts with a beautiful chair-lift ride up to Aurora Sky Station. Enjoy the silent Abisko National Park in darkness. Your eyes will gradually get used to the completely dark skies and soon you will see more stars than ever before.At the ... »

  • Lappeasuando Activities

    Lappeasuando ActivitiesNorthern lights & Midnight sun


    For over 20 years Lappeasuando has been proud to offer high quality Activities, Events and Tours for companies, groups and individual travellers. Along with ready packaged tours we also create customised programs for groups. »

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