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Visit Jukkasjärvi

Visit Jukkasjärvi

Packed with activities for everyone, try retro white water rafting, Laplandic surfing, get some altitude at Challenge Park, participate in the guided tour of the 400 year old village Jukkasjärvi and much more. The Old Homestead is open until late evening so you can enjoy good food and entertainment.

Learn more about the Sami culture at Nutti Sámi Siida where you can throw lasso, meet the reindeer and in the sami hut enjoy a delicious lunch made from local produce.  

Interested in hiking?

Interested in hiking?

The hiking season is soon here, but there is a lot of snow in the mountains right now that is melting. During this time it can be a lot of water in the streams, you have to be really careful if you need to pass them, they can be really deep.
It is wonderful to hike up in the mountains from end of June, in some part you might even have to wait until the beginning of July, when the water is gone and the tracks (hopefully) are nice and dry.   

Have a nice hike!


LKAB:s Visitor Centre

LKAB:s Visitor Centre

Kiruna Lapland Tourist Office arranges guided tours all year round to LKAB:s Visitor Centre. A popular tour that takes you down into the world’s largest underground iron ore mine. This tour is unique, as it gives you the chance to visit a productive mine. The mining is still one of Kiruna’s most important industries.

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